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Polls Say 75% Russian Taxpayers Call Tax Authorities Work Satisfactory

19.11.2012 15:59 / Interfax

Three-thirds of the Russian taxpayers can file their forms via email, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

" Three-thirds of the Russian taxpayers can file their tax forms via email, which is a very good ratio, the best this country has seen", said Medvedev at a meeting with the Federal Tax Authority.

The prime minister pointed out that today the goal is to implement e-workflow in all government bodies.

"We must go further, because a comfortable environment is key to the development of our economy, our country’s investor attractiveness”, he said.

Medvedev said polls show that last year 75% taxpayers called tax authorities’ work satisfactory.

"If it is a fact, then it is a very good result. I think it is almost on par with the rest of the world”, said Medvedev.

He mentioned that the World Bank rating places Russian tax administration at #64 versus last year’s #105.

"This is a major breakthrough, and definitely no coincidence”, said the Prime Minister.

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