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Corporate law and governance, financial transaction taxes

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CIS (Eurasian Economic Community) EEC Customs Union cooperation

Project Group №3

Administrative procedures

Kosov N.
Kosov, Nikolai

CEO at International Investment Bank

Zhuykov D.
Zhuykov, Dmitriy

Head of the Presidential Directorate for Protection of Citizen`s Constitutional Rights

Afanasiev D.
Afanasiev, Dmitriy

Chairman, Egorov, Puginsy, Afanasiev & partners

Anichkin A.
Anichkin, Alexander

Counsel, Clifford Chance CIS Limited

Arefyev A.
Arefyev, Alexander

Deputy head of Federal Financial Markets Service

Belyakov S.
Belyakov, Sergey

Chairman of the Board at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum

Belyaninov A.
Belyaninov, Andrey

Head of Federal Costoms Service of Russia

Dontsova G.
Dontsova, Galina

Senior Manager, Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V.

Gromyko Y.
Gromyko, Yuri

Director of Schiffers Research Institute for human resourses management

Ikonnikova I.
Ikonnikova, Irina

Director, Troika Dialog CJSC

Korneev V.
Korneev, Vladimir

Head of the department of public law and proceedings of the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation

Lebedev I.
Lebedev, Igor

Senior Vice-President, Director of Moscow and Moscow region branch of VTB bank

Levitskaya A.
Levitskaya, Alexandra

Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation

Mishustin M.
Mishustin, Mikhail

Head of Federal Tax Service of Russia

Naumenko G.
Naumenko, Galina

Tax Partner, Tax & Legal Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers Russia B.V.

Niazbaev T.
Niazbaev, Timur

Head of Russian Compliance, CJSC Renaissance Capital

Romodanivskiy K.
Romodanivskiy, Konstantin

Director of Federal Migration Service of Russia

Senkina L.
Senkina, Lyudmila

Deputy head of Federal Service for Insurance Supervision of Russia

Sokolov A.
Sokolov, Alexander

Partner Advisory, KPMG

Turek Z.
Turek, Zdenek

President of ZAO Citibank