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20.07.2016 15:43 / slon.ru

Central Bank Publishes Financial Glossary

The Bank of Russia has published online a Russian-English-French glossary of 1.8 thousand-plus finance and banking terms.

18.06.2014 15:14 / Interfax

Yandex Launches Russian Version of Foursquare

Russian search engine Yandex on Wednesday released a new Russia-focused social networking application, Yandex.Gorod, which promises to help its users find popular venues and attractions throughout Russia by providing user reviews and locations of nearby bars, banyas and even cash machines — all necessities for daily life in Moscow.

10.06.2014 12:59 / Interfax

City Energy Company Plans Electric Car Charging Stations in New Moscow

“Location plan for e-car charging stations in New Moscow will be ready by the year-end”, said MOESK General Director Petr Sinyutin.

30.10.2013 09:05 / Interfax

Medvedev Signs Off Visa Benefits for Skolkovo and MIFC

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on 5-year visas for employees of foreign companies taking part in Skolkovo and Moscow International Financial Center projects.

28.10.2013 21:28 / Interfax

U.S. Businessmen Say Moscow Investment Climate Has Improved

Head of AmCham Russia Andrew Sommers says business climate in Moscow has greatly improved in recent years.

28.10.2013 08:02 / Interfax

Moscow City Roadshow in NY

The investment potential of Russia’s capital city will be presented in New York on Monday, according to the Moscow Government Department for Foreign Economic Activity and International Relations.

29.01.2013 08:02 / Interfax

Medvedev to Hold Meeting on MIFC Infrastructure

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will hold a meeting on Tuesday on the use of Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye municipality for the needs of Moscow International Financial Center.

20.12.2012 15:08 / Interfax

Putin: Decision On Moving Officials To “New Moscow” May Be Made In First Quarter of 2013

Final decision on the need to move federal authorities to the territory of “new Moscow” is to be taken in early 2013, considering all financial costs that will be needed, said President Vladimir Putin.

30.10.2012 18:28 / Interfax

Moscow Metro Total Wi-Fi Coverage in 2 Years

Moscow Metro is preparing a tender for telecom infrastructure construction that will bring free Wi-Fi and 2G/3G (prospective 4G) access to all lines.

25.10.2012 08:41 / Interfax

Ministry of Finance Ready To Grant 30 Billion Roubles For Road Building in Moscow

A decision on granting a large budget tranche on constructing roads in Moscow was taken at the meeting on developing Moscow agglomeration, held by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, as “Izvestia” website informed on Thursday.

09.10.2012 15:52 / Interfax

New York Leads in Commercial Real Estate Investment, Moscow 23rd

New York is the world`s top commercial real estate investment market second year in a row, according to Cushman & Wakefield.

03.10.2012 16:12 / Interfax

Electric Trains Launch on Minor Ring to Draw Investors to Adjoining Territories

The launch of electric trains on Moscow Railway Minor Ring will attract investors to adjoining territories, says Alexey Zotov, First Deputy General Director of Moscow Ring Railway, a joint-stock company of the Moscow government and Russian Railways.

20.09.2012 15:18 / Interfax

Capital Authorities Evaluate Wi-Fi Launch in Moscow Tube in Several Billion RUR

Modernization of an underground cable network, its corporate network and Wi-Fi access in a tube will cost a provider of this project several billion rubles, Artem Yermolaev, Head of the Moscow IT Department, said to journalists in Moscow.

19.09.2012 14:47 / Interfax

Prime Minister Formulated 3 Major Directions of Moscow Transport Hub Development

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev formulated priority directions in developing a Moscow transportation hub.

18.09.2012 19:53 / Vedomosti

Most Street Signs In Moscow May Become Illegal

The city authorities plan to tighten the regulation process of deploying information constructions for commercial enterprises.

28.08.2012 15:30 / Interfax

Russian Government to Finalize Moscow Airports Development Plan by End-2012

The Government plans to finalize the future structure of Moscow Airport Hub, First Vice Premier Igor Shuvalov told the press.

22.08.2012 12:08 / Interfax

Next Year’s New Moscow Development to Cost USD 1bn

In 2013, the development of new Moscow territories will cost 10% of the investment plan, Deputy Mayor Marat Khusnullin told the press Wednesday.

24.07.2012 08:36 / Interfax

Greater Moscow May Cost EUR 86-187bn

Vedomosti quotes Greater Moscow project assessments made by bidders in the development concept tender.

04.07.2012 15:12 / Interfax

New Moscow Region Development Corp. Worth RUB 100M

The Moscow Region government has passed a decision Tuesday to establish Moscow Region Development Corporation, according to the regional government press office.

02.07.2012 08:06 / Interfax

Moscow Grows Bigger

From 1 July, due to 148 thousand hectares of Moscow Region land annexed to Moscow, the capital will be 2,4 times larger, totaling some 255 thousand hectares, with 232 thousand residents of the new territories becoming Muscovites.

21.06.2012 14:14 / Interfax

Moscow Region May Take Industrial Facilities From Moscow

Moscow Region and Moscow City authorities are discussing the partial relocation of industrial facilities from Moscow, according to Moscow Region Governor Sergey Shoigu.

13.06.2012 08:09 / Interfax

Tokyo #1 Most Expensive City, Moscow Stays Fourth

The most expensive city for foreigners according to Mercer Human Resource is Tokyo, displacing Angola’s capital city Luanda, #1 in 2010 and 2011 and now at #2.

19.04.2012 00:27 / Rossiiskaya gazeta

40k Trees to Be Planted in Moscow

Moscow will become greener, with a record 40 thousand trees to be planted this year, including firs, oaks, elms and other fine species, said Anton Kulbachevsky, Head of Moscow Environmental Department at a press conference yesterday.

12.04.2012 14:34 / VZGLYAD

Medvedev: Government Moves Outside Ring Road

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered new proposals for the relocation of federal legislative, executive and judicial bodies to the Greater Moscow area. He also issued assignments for science and education, transport, economics, sport and healthcare, Kremlin press office announced on Thursday.

12.04.2012 11:09 / Interfax

Greater Moscow Federal Buildings Funded by Vacated Real Estate, says Dvorkovich

Construction of new building for federal government bodies, relocated from central Moscow, will be funded by selling the premises they will vacate, says Presidential Aide Arkady Dvorkovich.

09.04.2012 08:02 / Interfax

Medvedev to Talk New Capital City Limits

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will hold consultations on Moscow city limits expansion.

27.03.2012 09:39 / Interfax

Moscow Metro Gets RUB 55.8 bn Worth of Budget Investments

The charter fund of the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise will be increased by RUB 55.778 bn, said a source in the City Administration on Tuesday.

27.02.2012 10:26 / Interfax

Russian Direct Investment Fund Supports New Healthcare Chain

The Russian Direct Investment Fund will participate in the creation of a new chain of health care facilities, reported Alexey Ulyukaev, Chairman of the RDIF Supervisory Board and First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in his interview to RUSSIA 24 TV Channel.

27.02.2012 08:04 / Interfax

First Electric Car Charging Stations in Moscow

Moscow Unified Electric Co (MOESK) will open the first electric car charging station in Moscow on Tuesday.

21.02.2012 08:16 / Interfax

Moscow Rail May Connect Three Airports

A railways network is likely to connect the three major Moscow airports (Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo) within 3-4 years; one will be able to commute between them using a universal pass, Izvestia reported on Tuesday.

20.02.2012 16:38 / Interfax

Hong Kong Remains World’s Highest Rent City, Moscow at #3

In 2011, Hong Kong remained the world’s #1 most expensive city to rent top-tier apartments in, according to Accommodation Survey by ECA International.

10.02.2012 19:55 / Vedomosti

Gorod Project: Advantages of Moscow Shortcomings

The majority of modern megacities are equal in their tendency to follow one mutual way of development, which is getting more and more visible in the city’s will to become a global universal centre. It can be explained by the necessity to meet the demands of those who are competitively sought after – investors, qualified professionals, skillful and ambitious people.

08.02.2012 08:01 / Interfax

Moscow to Move Communications Underground This Summer

The Moscow Government plans to develop the plan of moving overhead cables below ground, Deputy Head of Information Technologies Department of the City of Moscow Alexander Gorbatko said at a Moscow press conference.

03.02.2012 17:14 / Interfax

Federal Investment into Moscow Infrastructure Modernization Will Exceed $50 bn over 5 Years

Moscow traffic infrastructure modernization will become the first priority for the capital government, said City Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

31.01.2012 13:04 / F&O

Russia and Germany Sign MIFC Cooperation Agreement

Russia and Germany will cooperate on the project of creating an international financial center in Moscow, with a memorandum signed between the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology of Germany on 30 January in Berlin, says the Ministry for Economic Development release.

30.01.2012 14:22 / zdrav.ru

Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation Establishes Research Board

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation has established a Research Board to promote the scientific development of the Ministry, create and implement innovative research methods in priority areas of Health and Social & Labor Programs.

19.01.2012 10:49 / Interfax

Free Wi-Fi for Metro Passengers

Moscow Metro will introduce free Wi-Fi, said Head of Moscow Transport and Transit Infrastructure Development Department Maksim Liskutov at a Thurdsay press conference.

14.01.2012 10:00 / Kommersant

Tender Announced to Move 2.5 mn Moscovites and Government Outside the MKAD

Yesterday Moscow authorities announced a tender to draft the Moscow development concept; the capital includes about 150, 000 hectares of new territories that were added to the city limits on January 1, 2012. The developers are expected to work out a new scheme of territorial development that will allow to resettle 2.5 mn Moscow citizens behind the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and decrease the number of workplaces in the city by 1 mn. The White House and the Presidential Administration are to move to some location between Podolsk and Troitsk. The concept is to be developed in the course of the next 30-50 years.

14.12.2011 16:10 / RBC

Russia Introduces Tax Free in 2012

Russia will implement Tax Free in 2012. Head of Tax Free Russia Olga Maksimova said at the RBC press conference that 200 trading companies are expected to join the project in the first six months.

09.12.2011 03:02 / Bloomberg Businessweek

Moscow Mayor Sobyanin Seeks Foreign Expertise for City Overhaul

Moscow city hall will will seek the expertise of international architects and developers to help draw up a plan for the capital’s biggest expansion in a half century, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said.

07.12.2011 13:56 / Izvestia

Presentation of the Capital to Foreign Business. A unique e-map will show all foreign city investments.

The Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow will create an e-map of investments in Moscow. According to a source in the Department, it will appear online by mid-2012. It is expected to consist of two parts – the world map and a map of Moscow with residential estates, railway stations and administrative buildings.

26.11.2011 10:00 / Kommersant

Moscow is Safe Enough for Financial Center

According to Kommersant, a group of experts, including police chiefs, assessed the safety level of the Russian capital. The purpose is to help the Moscow government define whether the city meets international financial center requirements.

18.11.2011 12:57 / RBC

Public Opinion Monitoring Center Launched in Moscow

Moscow Public Opinion Monitoring Center has been launched in test mode, said Head of IT at the Moscow Mayor’s Office Artem Yermolaev.

09.11.2011 16:15 / Interfax

Ministry of Transport Ready for Public Debate on Central Ring Road

The Russian Ministry of Transport is ready to open public hearings on the Central Ring Road (CRR) in suburban Moscow, Minister of Transport Igor Levitin told press in Gorno-Altaysk on Wednesday.

25.10.2011 14:12 / The Village

Free Moscow Call-Center for Foreign Tourists Works From Today

The Moscow Tourist Committee launched a Call Center. Operators answer questions in Russian and English on free toll numbers 8 (800) 220-00-01 and 8 (800) 220-00-02.

17.10.2011 15:13 / Interfax

Moscow May Buy Some 100 Electric Buses Worth RUB 700-800mn in 2012

Moscow Transport and Road Infrastructure Department is planning to purchase some 100 electric buses for municipal transport, said Deputy Head of Department Yuri Mazikin at a Duma round table on development and legal regulation of eco vehicles on Monday.

10.10.2011 / Izvestia

Moscow’s Own IFC Criteria

Russian government wants to promote Moscow as an international financial center (IFC). This requires a scale of criteria, similar to the existing Western analogues, but drawing on local specifics, left out of the picture in Western reports.

30.08.2011 10:00 / Moskovsky Komsomolets

The Ghost of Wall Street Roams Moscow

The idea of creating an IFC in Moscow has been discussed for years. The ambitious task is supported by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, while the new Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has marked MIFC a top priority for the city. Still, the city is only responsible for the infrastructure of the project. Economic, financial and taxation groundwork for MIFC is a task for federal bodies.

17.06.2011 10:00 / Vedomosti

Shuvalov: modernization will not succeed without foreign investment

During the St-Petersburg International Economic Forum, a panel discussion on "International Economic Centre Development" took place. The moderator, First Deputy President of VTB Yuri Soloviev asked why Russia needs an IFC. Russia is forming for itself the order for modernization and accelerated development, and any "new Russia" initiatives need significant funds, the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov answered.

09.06.2011 10:00 / PRIME

FCSM: A convenient and reliable service for investors is a prerequisite for the International Financial Centre

A convenient and reliable service for investors is a prerequisite for the International Financial Centre, said FCSM Deputy Director Alexandr Sinenko at a State Duma round table on Thursday.