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CIS (Eurasian Economic Community) EEC Customs Union cooperation

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Education, Health, Culture and Social Infrastructure in Moscow

Project Group №5

Moscow infrastructure development

Vine A.
Vine, Allen

Chairman of the Board, Millenium Group International AG (co-head of project group)

Zubkov I.
Zubkov, Igor

Aide to Envoy of President of Russia to the Central Federal District

Andrievsky I.
Andrievsky, Ivan

Managing Partner, 2K Audid - Business Consulting /Morison International

Bortkevicha V.
Bortkevicha, Victoria

Partner, Clifford Chance CIS Limited

Chistyakov A.
Chistyakov, Alexander

President, Hermitage Construction and Management LLC

Elizarov I.
Elizarov, Ilya

Referent of the Department of the Presidential Experts’ Directorate

Filipyev A.
Filipyev, Alexander

Senior Vice-president, ROSBANK OJSC

Gouseynov G.
Gouseynov, Gadzhimagomed

Deputy Director of Department of Budget Policy in the Economic Sectors, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Grigoryan Y.
Grigoryan, Yuri

Architect, Head of Meganom architectural firm

Humphrey T.
Humphrey, Tony

Managing partner, Allen & Overy LLP

Kardash M.
Kardash, Mikhail

Deputy head of Department of economic policy and development of Moscow city, Head of Division for development of International Financial Center, Government of Moscow

Kovarsky N.
Kovarsky, Nikolai

Adviser to President of Rosneft

Nedosekov A.
Nedosekov, Andrey

Deputy Minister of transport of Russia

Nikitin D.
Nikitin, Danil

General Director, E4 Group ОJSC

Ovsyannikov V.
Ovsyannikov, Victor

Government Corporations practice leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers Russia B.V.

Podolskiy P.
Podolskiy, Petr

Deputy Head of Department for State Investment Programs and Capital Investment, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

Ponomarev I.
Ponomarev, Ilya

Director of Director of Urban planning regulation department, Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation

Popova T.
Popova, Tatiana

Deputy General Director, IBS IT Systems OJSC

Ryazantsev G.
Ryazantsev, Gennadiy

General Director of Institute for exploration and engineering design Mosinzhproekt OJSC

Sharonov A.
Sharonov, Andrey

Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy

Shishkarev S.
Shishkarev, Sergei

Chairman of State Duma committee on transportation, The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Sinenko A.
Sinenko, Alexander

Government Liaison Officer at the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Slobodin M.
Slobodin, Mikhail

President of Integrated Energy Systems Holding CJSC

Sobolev N.
Sobolev, Nikolai

CEO, FINEX Consulting Group

Soloshchanskiy O.
Soloshchanskiy, Oleg

Vice-president, INTECO CJSC

Soloviev Y.
Soloviev, Yuri

President and Global CEO, CJSC VTB Capital

Titova E.
Titova, Elena

President of Morgan Stanley Russia

Vasilyev Y.
Vasilyev, Yuri

Acting head of Economic Security Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, police colonel