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Trading infrastructure

30.11.2016 16:22 / Vedomosti

Russia launched trading of a futures contract for Urals crude oil URL-E

Russia launched trading of a futures contract for Urals crude oil URL-E in Moscow on Tuesday, in a step to secure greater prominence for the Russian export blend.

04.12.2015 12:00 / TASS

Duma Passes Repositary Amendments in 1st Reading

Today the State Duma passed in the first reading Minfin amendments to the Securities Market Act, granting repositories a separate market infrastructure status.

09.11.2015 12:00 / TASS

MOEX and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Sign Memorandum

The document was signed by MOEX Supervisory Board Chairman Alexei Kudrin and SSE President Huang Hongyuan within the framework of a capital markets forum, organized by the two stock exchanges in Shanghai.

06.11.2015 12:00 / TASS

Russia plans to issue treasury bonds in yuan next year

Russia plans to issue treasury bonds in yuan next year, Russian officials said on Friday, in a move that signals Russia's desire to attract Chinese investors into its financial markets. The so-called OFZs, or federal loan bonds, are the main Russian treasury bonds used to finance government borrowing on the domestic market. The planned issue in yuan would be the first such bonds denominated in a foreign currency.

21.10.2015 12:00 / Vedomosti

MOEX to Switch USD Eurobonds to Т+2

Moscow Exchange plans to switch Eurobond trading to Т+2, Stock Market MD Anna Kuznetsova told the press. According to her, the exchange aims to boost Eurobond trading, “also offering participants the opportunity to use other assets as collateral in Eurobond trades”.

20.10.2015 10:00 / Moscow exchange

Simplified Account Opening for Retail Investors

Licensed stock market participants and asset managers now have access to simplified client ID procedure that does not require a trip to the office. This will boost the number of private individuals investing in Russian stock market instruments.

20.10.2015 10:00 / Moscow exchange

MOEX to Switch USD Eurobonds to Т+2

Moscow Exchange plans to switch Eurobond trading to Т+2, Stock Market MD Anna Kuznetsova told the press. According to her, the exchange aims to boost Eurobond trading, “also offering participants the opportunity to use other assets as collateral in Eurobond trades”.

11.10.2015 12:00 / Vedomosti

Equal Rights for Central Counterparties

The Central Bank has initiated amendments to the Clearing Act. A Central Counterparty acts as middleman in stock exchange transactions and accepts risks in case of counterparty default. There are three CCs in Russia: National Clearing Center (NCC, part of MOEX Group), MFB Clearing Center (St Petersburg Exchange, part of RTS Group) and Clearing Depositary Company (clears for the St Petersburg International Commodities Exchange).

07.10.2015 12:00 / Interfax

CB Expects Rouble Bond Market Growth

Central Bank’s First Deputy Chairman Sergey Shvetsov expects growth in Rouble bond market activity.

16.09.2015 12:00 / Moscow exchange

50k-Plus Individual Investment Accounts at MOEX

By 15 September 2015, Moscow Exchange opened 51112 Individual Investment Accounts (IIAs) for private individuals in brokerages and asset management companies, says MOEX release.

14.07.2015 12:00 / TASS

ARB, NAUFOR and NSMA to Set Up Derivatives Board

Russian Banks Association (ARB), National Securities Market Participants Association (NAUFOR) and National Securities Market Association (NSMA) signed an agreement to establish a Derivatives Board, NAUFOR announced on Tuesday.

02.07.2015 12:00 / TASS

30k-Plus Individual Investment Accounts at MOEX

In 1H 2015, Moscow Exchange opened 32 460 Individual Investment Accounts (IIAs) for private individuals in brokerages and asset management companies, says MOEX release.

26.06.2015 12:00 / NAUFOR

New Qualified Investor Rule In Force

On 26 June 2015, the Bank of Russia enacts the new Qualified Investor Rule, published on June 15.

25.06.2015 12:00 / Moscow exchange

Russian and Chinese CSDs Sign MoU

On 24 June 2015, National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, and China Central Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC), China’s central securities depository servicing governmental securities, signed a Memorandum of understanding. The parties agreed to share experience and information, to develop cooperation in the sphere of depository and settlement operations, operational interactions using corresponding accounts (links), corporate actions processing and information services. NSD and CCDC intend to cooperate in the bilateral format and within the framework of associations (AECSD, ACG and WFC).

11.06.2015 12:00 / MIFC

Eddie Astanin Elected to SWIFT Board of Directors

On 11 June 2015, SWIFT annual GSM elected Eddie Astanin, CEO at NSD, Russia’s Central Depositary to its Board of Directors. For the first time, a Russian representative has joined the SWIFT Board.

29.05.2015 12:00 / TASS

Minfin Proposes IIA Limit Increase

The Russian Ministry of Finance is considering an increase of annual deposit limit for Individual Investment Accounts, currently at RUB 400k, Deputy Minister Alexey Moiseev told NAUFOR Conference.

21.05.2015 17:59 / slon.ru

Moscow Exchange to Launch State-Owned Company Performance Index

The Ministry for Economic Development (MED) and Federal Property Management Agency have requested Moscow Exchange to launch indexes reflecting the performance of state-owned companies, reports Interfax, quoting sources familiar with the Exchange plans.

21.05.2015 12:00 / Vedomosti

CB to Impose Total Reporting on Forex Dealers

In October, the Central Bank will impose on Forex dealers a mandatory requirement to keep records of the entire progress for all trades and report it to the regulator, according to a new Bank of Russia draft regulation as quoted by Vedomosti and Kommersant.

06.04.2015 12:00 / Vedomosti

CB to Share Risks with MOEX

The Central Bank is ready to accept traders’ risks in complex situations to keep Moscow Exchange from raising the bar on collateral requirements, said Central Bank’s First Deputy Chairman Sergey Shvetsov. This option is part of a new Duma bill, he says.

13.02.2015 12:00 / Interfax

ISDA Recognizes Close-Out Netting in Russia, OTC Derivatives Trading Becomes Less Risky

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) recognizes close-out netting under Russian law for cross-border OTC derivative trading, NAUFOR reported on Friday.

05.02.2015 16:57 / Moscow exchange

Moscow Exchange Registers Individual Investment Accounts

In January, Moscow Exchange registered 7629 Individual Investment Accounts (IIAs), opened by private individuals in brokerages and asset management companies. IIAs allow tax rebates for private investors.

30.01.2015 12:00 / vedomosti.ru

How to Use Investment Accounts

Private investors’ dream of tax benefits has finally come true. From January onwards, anyone can open an individual investment account (IIA) and enjoy tax-free deposits of up to RUB 400k — or receive the entire income tax-free. Tax Code amendments introducing IIAs were passed over a year ago, but are in force starting this year. In January brokers and asset managers started opening IIAs for private individuals.

16.01.2015 13:00 / Interfax

Federal Tax Service Individual Investment Account Procedure Registered, Brokers Open

The Russian Ministry of Justice has registered the Federal Tax Service Decree, detailing the procedure of notifying the tax authorities of Individual Investment Accounts (IIA) opening, which has effectively greenlighted the opening of these accounts.

22.12.2014 10:40 / Moscow exchange

Eurobonds Eligible for Central Counterparty Repo

As of 22 December 2014, Moscow Exchange has admitted 55 Eurobonds from the Bank of Russia’s Lombard list with a «BBB-», or higher, rating to repo with the CCP (in trading modes «Repo with the CCP: anonymous orders» and ’Repo with the CCP: non-anonymous orders").

28.11.2014 15:15 / Financial One

St Petersburg Exchange Launches S&P 500 Share Trading

On Friday, November 28, trading in foreign securities was launched on the Saint Petersburg Exchange, the trading floor said in a press release. 50 most liquid stocks of leading issuers from all sectors of the global economy from the S&P 500 are available for trading, including Apple, Facebook, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson. On 15 December, Russians will gain access to the shares of the most successful IT company of the year – China’s online giant Alibaba.

21.11.2014 11:25 / Interfax

Market Participants Can Send European OTC Trade Reports through NSD

In April 2015, market participants will gain access to reporting OTC cross-border trades with European counterparties through National Settlement Depositary (NSD) repository to comply with European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), says NSD release.

17.10.2014 15:29 / vedomosti.ru

Moscow Exchange to Issue New Instrument in 2016

The new instrument is called clearing participation certificate (CPC) and will enable trading backed by a pool of collateral deposited at National Clearing Center (NCC), said Igor Marich, Money Markets Managing Director at Moscow Exchange.

26.09.2014 13:02 / Interfax

Central Bank Assigns NSD and NCC Critical Financial Market Infrastructure Status

The Central Bank of Russia has assigned critical financial market infrastructure status to National Settlement Depositary and National Clearing Center, says the regulator’s online press release.

08.08.2014 19:33 / Interfax

Central Bank Registers NAUFOR Risk Notification Standards for Foreign Securities

The Central Bank of Russia has registered the National Stock Market Participants Association (NAUFOR) standards of risk notifications for foreign securities trading, including foreign securities derivatives and indexes, according to the CB press release.

30.07.2014 18:22 / MIFC

Russian Trading Floors Allowed to Deal in Foreign Securities Without Issuer Agreement

President Putin has signed Act 218, amending the Federal Securities Market Act 39 of 22 April 1996. New regulations for foreign securities exchange trading in Russia will be enacted 10 days after official publication.

02.07.2014 12:15 / MIFC

Сentral Bank Sells MOEX Stake

The Bank of Russia website has reported that on 2 July, the Central Bank sold off 267.3 mln MOEX shares or 11.7% charter capital, at RUB 60 per share, with participation of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, VTB Capital and Sberbank CIB as financial advisors; Gazprombank and Citigroup as co-contractors — financial advisors.

02.07.2014 08:01 / Interfax

Simplified Broker Client Identification Passed in Second Reading

On Tuesday, The Russian State Duma passed in the second reading amendments proposing simplified identification procedure for clients by licensed securities market participants and asset management companies.

10.06.2014 18:21 / Interfax

Duma Committee Passes Amendments to Launch Foreign Shares Trading in Russia

The State Duma Financial Markets Committee has approved statutory amendments to launch foreign share trading on Russian exchanges.

27.03.2014 15:44 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange and Korea Exchange Sign Partnership

MOEX and Korea Exchange (KRX) have signed a financial market development cooperation agreement, says Moscow Exchange release.

27.03.2014 13:09 / Interfax

1 January 2015 Earliest for Euroclear to Access Russian Share Market

Euroclear will not be technically able to access the Russian share market until 1 January 2015, said Central Bank First Deputy Chairman Sergey Shvestov at Exchange Forum 2014 on Thursday.

13.02.2014 18:24 / MIFC/Moscow exchange

Russian Financial Markets Regulator Registers New MOEX Listing Rules

On 7 February 2014, the Bank of Russia’s Financial Markets Service registered an amended version of Listing Rules for Moscow Exchange. As part of Russia’s listing reform program, the rules have been brought in line with the Rules for Admission of Securities to Organized Trading previously approved by the regulator.

30.01.2014 15:52 / Interfax

Clearstream and NSD Open Russian Corporate Bonds Market to International Investors on 30 January

Clearstream and National Settlement Depositary (NSD) open foreign investor access to the Russian corporate bonds market on 30 January, according to a joint press release.

23.01.2014 15:36 / vedomosti.ru

Russian Bonds Open to the World

From 30 January, Euroclear Bank starts to offer post-trading services on Russian corporate and municipal bonds. Clients can process settlement and use the National Settlement Depositary (NSD) Euroclear account for safekeeping, according to a joint Euroclear/NSD press release.

24.10.2013 15:57 / Interfax

Non-Residents Share in OFZ Indicates Effective Market Liberalization, says CB

The increase in OFZ investment by non-residents indicates the effectiveness of market liberalization measures, particularly the elimination of the infrastructure risk premium, roughly estimated at 100 b.p., says First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Kseniya Yudaeva in a comment distributed by the Bank of Russia press office.

07.10.2013 11:53 / Vedomosti

Risk Subscription Fee

The Exchange plans to offer stable players a limit of some RUB 80m for unsecured trading in shares and bonds, according to a brokerage source, confirmed by a Moscow Exchange representative. The broker stated that the Exchange Repo Committee had passed the decision on 3 October. The Exchange source says approvals are still due from the Stock Market and Risk committees, followed by a Board sign-off: “The new rules could be enacted as early as December”.

04.09.2013 10:56 / Interfax

Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley open Т+2 trading at Moscow Exchange

In September 2013, four banks - Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch и Morgan Stanley – offer clients Direct Market Access to Т+2 share trading on Moscow Exchange, says press release.

02.04.2013 11:49 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Sells RTS Clearing House

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS took a decision in March to sell off RTS Clearing House, according to the exchange’s IFRS consolidated financial report 2012.

29.03.2013 18:27 / Vedomosti

Russian Central Depositary Launch Ignored by Major Global Funds

There is a high settlement infrastructure risk in the Russian market, states the world’s largest index funds manager Vanguard in a report to SEC. Shareholder records are kept by registrars, however their statements are frequently treated as insufficient proof of title to securities. Fraud could lead to a loss of ownership or diluted stake, while claiming damages from registrars is highly complicated: Russian registrars are “not effectively regulated nor licensed by the state”. A similar remark is made in a report by T. Rowe Price Global Allocation Fund.

27.03.2013 17:55 / Vedomosti

Shares Now Traded Through Central Depositary Accounts

Yesterday marked the last day of the transition period introduced by the Central Depositary Act that has made the CD a nominee account monopoly. The CD has signed with all Russian public limited companies and has been entered in their registrars. Other nominees may no longer appear in registrars of listed companies. Nominees remaining in public companies may not trade these shares before they have been transferred to the CD.

15.03.2013 16:40 / Interfax

NSD Urges Minfin to Upgrade Tax Administration for Foreign Investors

Upgrading tax administration for foreign nominee accounts used for safekeeping corporate securities will bring foreign investors money to the shares and corporate bonds markets, Head of National Settlement Depositary (NSD, Russia’s Central Depositary, part of Moscow Exchange Group) Eddie Astanin told the press on Friday.

15.02.2013 13:05 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange IPO Heralds Russian Privatizations

The Moscow Exchange IPO is a starting gun for privatizations in Russia, said Head of Federal Financial Markets Service Dmitry Pankin at the opening ceremony of the Stock Exchange share trading on Friday.

15.02.2013 12:10 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange IPO Oversubscribed More Than Twice

The Moscow Exchange IPO book was oversubscribed more than twice at RUB 55 per share, the bottom of the range, Exchange Head Alexander Afanasiev told the press Friday.

13.02.2013 20:12 / Vedomosti

Clearstream Follows Euroclear to Russia

A leading international depositary, Clearstream, will open Central Depositary accounts in Russia in the first half of February, a company representative told Vedomosti. On the heels of the Euroclear link activation a week ago, another global post-trading settlement player enters the Russian market.

08.02.2013 10:42 / Interfax

Ratings Unaffected by Foreign Investor Access to Sovereign Rouble Bonds

Standard & Poor`s does not expect Russia’s sovereign ratings to be affected by foreign investors gaining access to the Russian state bonds market, according to an S&P release.

07.02.2013 13:43 / Moscow exchange

Integrated Eurasian Economic Community FX Market Opens

Moscow Exchange opened the foreign exchange market to banks from Eurasian Economic Community (Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia and Tajikistan).

04.02.2013 19:34 / Vedomosti

What’s Stopping Foreigners from Investing in Russian Shares

“Privatization should service the development and capitalization of our own stock market, not heat foreign trading floors”, said President Putin recently, putting an end to a long-running debate on the best state company public offering option.

04.02.2013 14:59 / Interfax

T+2 Could Lower Moscow Exchange Income

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS income could fall due to the introduction of T+2 settlement planned for this March, according to the Exchange IPO prospectus.

04.02.2013 12:24 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange to Use IPO Proceeds for NCC Capital and IT Development

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS plans to use IPO proceeds for the capital of its subsidiary, National Clearing Center (NCC) and IT infrastructure development, according to the Exchange IPO prospectus.

01.02.2013 19:57 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS IPO Arrangers Set Price Range at RUB 55 to RUB 63 a Share

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS IPO arrangers have set the price range for the initial public offering at RUB 55 to RUB 63 a share, according to a financial market source.

01.02.2013 09:24 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Top Managers to Meet Investors 4 February

The first Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS top management IPO meeting with investors is due on Monday, 4 February, said source in a Western fund, who had been invited by the bookrunners.

30.01.2013 10:27 / Interfax

FFMS Registers Moscow Exchange RUB 181mn Bonus Issue

Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) has registered the Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS bonus issue report, according to Service press release.

30.01.2013 00:44 / forbes.ru

Eurocrats Stop $80bn from Coming to Russia

Mass arrival of foreign investors in the Russian market is delayed by red tape. Direct foreign investor access to Russian securities is expected to raise $40-$80bn in OFZs, which will allow the Russian Ministry of Finance to borrow cheaper. Today foreigners have to buy stock through Russian subsidiaries of global banks or exchanges. Trading through Euroclear and Clearstream will allow direct trading with other owners.

29.01.2013 08:51 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Advisory Board to Discuss IPO Preparation January 31

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS Advisory Board will discuss IPO preparation at a meeting on Thursday. The agenda also includes operational risk policy, says the exchange press release.

21.01.2013 10:14 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Announces Home IPO

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS has officially announced IPO of ordinary shares on its own trading floor, MICEX.

28.12.2012 09:42 / Finmarket

Euroclear Bank Opens NSD Account

On 27 December, Euroclear Bank opened an account with National Settlement Depositary (NSD, Russia’s Central Depositary, part of Moscow Exchange Group), NSD CEO Eddie Astanin told Interfax.

05.12.2012 08:02 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Commences OFZ Placements

From 5 December, Moscow Exchange commences placements of Russian Federation government bonds (OFZ) in the Main Market sector of the Stock exchange.

29.11.2012 17:09 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange to Launch Share Market Liquidity Boost Program in January

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS plans to launch a market making program to boost share market liquidity in January 2013, Stock Market MG Anna Kuznetsova announced at the All-Russia Algorithmic Trading Conference on Thursday.

19.11.2012 17:24 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange and Deutsche Borse to Exchange Trading Data

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS and Deutsche Borse may launch a joint trading data exchange project in 2013, Moscow Exchange CEO Alexander Afanasiev told the press on Monday.

19.11.2012 16:07 / «Kommersant-Online»

Russian Central Depositary Fully Operational 30 March 2013

The Russian Central Depositary will become fully operational starting from 30 March 2013, Head of Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) Dmitry Pankin told the press 19 November.

16.11.2012 21:25 / Interfax

Deutsche B?rse and Moscow Exchange Plan Joint Development

Deutsche B?rse and Moscow Exchange plan to cooperate in exchange infrastructure, product development, IT, clearing, settlement & custody, as well as outreach to issuers, licensed participants and investors.

15.11.2012 19:51 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Open on Holidays From May 2013

Moscow Exchange will resume its open on holidays schedule from May 2013, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov told the press on Thursday.

15.11.2012 13:20 / Interfax

FFMS Urges Moscow Exchange to Improve IT Support

Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) has once again urged Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS to improve its IT support.

08.11.2012 13:34 / Interfax

Central Bank May Exit Moscow Exchange Within 2 Years After IPO

The Central Bank of Russia may exit Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS within two years following the exchange IPO, according to a financial market source.

07.11.2012 19:45 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Board of Directors Sets Pre-IPO Technical Bonus Issue Price

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS Board of Directors has set the price of RUB 200mn pre-IPO technical bonus issue, placed via private offering to MICEX-Finance, a 100% Exchange owned subsidiary, according to press release.

06.11.2012 19:19 / Interfax

Government Approved Schedule and Order for the Bank Of Russia To Withdraw from Moscow Exchange Capital

The Government of the Russian Federation coordinated the order and schedule of the Bank of Russia to withdraw from the Moscow Exchange capital, Sergey Shvetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, informed journalists on Tuesday.

06.11.2012 16:50 / Interfax

“We Are a Prepared and Confident Central Depositary”

Following a decade of debate, the government has acknowledged the need for Central Depositary in the Russian market. On Tuesday, Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) accredited the sole contender for the CD function, NKO ZAO National Settlement Depositary (part of Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS Group). NSD CEO Eddy Astanin tells us whether NSD is ready for the role of the sole central depositary, and what the future holds for the Russian stock market and the NSD.

06.11.2012 16:45 / «Kommersant-Online»

National Settlement Depositary Granted Central Depositary Status

On November 6, Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) granted central depositary status to ZAO National Settlement Depositary (NRD, 99% owned by Moscow Exchange Group), according to FFMS.

06.11.2012 16:35 / Interfax

NDC Head Doesn’t See Threats In Bringing Euroclear At Russian Market

Eddie Astanin, Chairman of Directorship, the National Depository Centre (NDC), doesn’t see any risks in bringing international central depositories Euroclear and Clearstream directly at the Russian market.

01.11.2012 11:45 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Board of Directors to be Renamed Advisory Board for the Upcoming IPO

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS Board of Directors will put an amended charter to vote at extraordinary GSM, due to the proposed renaming of the Board of Directors into Advisory Board as part of the Exchange corporate reform, says press release.

30.10.2012 20:47 / Interfax

FFMS Registers Moscow Exchange RUB 200mn Bonus Issue

On Tuesday, the Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) registered Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS bonus issue of 200mn ordinary shares, says the service press release.

24.10.2012 15:39 / Interfax

NSD Allows Non-Banks Foreign Currency Settlement

National Settlement Depositary (NSD, part of Moscow Exchange) has allowed non-bank clients the option of settlement in foreign currency on the stock market, according to a joint press statement by the depositary, the stock exchange and Vnesheconombank.

18.10.2012 15:14 / Interfax

Central Bank Consults Government for Moscow Exchange Exit Procedure and Timeline

The Central Bank of Russia is currently in consultations with the Russian government on the procedure and timeline of the regulator`s venture capital exit from the Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS, Central Bank Deputy Chairman Sergey Shvetsov told the press Thursday.

12.10.2012 10:12 / Interfax

Ex-FFMS Vyugin May Head Moscow Exchange

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS could be managed by ex-FFMS Head Oleg Vyugin, current CEO at MDM Bank, Vedomosti reported Friday, citing sources close to exchange shareholders.

11.10.2012 15:20 / vedomosti.ru

Russian Central Depositary Could Lose Foreign Investor Appeal

By November, the Central Depositary will allow foreign investors access to the domestic financial market, making the registration of title to securities more transparent, President Putin promised last week.

02.10.2012 12:52 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Likely to Introduce T+N This Year

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS is likely to introduce T+N settlement by the end of the year, said Head of Exchange Alexander Afanasiev.

01.10.2012 12:22 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Ready for IPO by February 2013

Moscow Exchange will be technically ready for IPO by February 2013, Head Alexander Afanasyev told the press Tuesday.

21.09.2012 19:15 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Shareholders Approve 200mn Bonus Issue

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS shareholders have agreed on a bonus issue of 200mn ordinary shares par value 1 rouble, says the exchange press release.

21.09.2012 08:01 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Seeks President, Position Offered to Oleg Vyugin

Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS is seeking replacement for President Ruben Aganbegyan, who leaves his post on 25 September, says three financial market sources.

18.09.2012 21:35 / Interfax

Non-Commercial Partnership RTS Came Up With Priority Projects By Mid-2013

On Tuesday, the RTS Board of Directors considered an issue on the priority development projects, as Anatoly Gavrilenko, Chairman of the Partnership’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, ALOR Group of Companies, reported to journalists that day.

18.09.2012 12:08 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Board Greenlights Direct Access to FX

At a Monday 17 September meeting, Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS Board of Directors voted for licensed stock market participants direct access to the FX market, said Alor Supervisory Board Chairman Anatoly Gavrilenko.

15.08.2012 08:01 / Interfax

Russia to Give Euroclear Direct Access to Sovereign and Corporate Debt

The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) has submitted for registration at the Ministry of Justice a regulation allowing foreign central depositaries such as Euroclear and Clearstream access to corporate debt market as well as to sovereign bonds, said a service representative.

25.07.2012 16:41 / Interfax

NSD Supervisory Board Forms Customer Committee

National Settlement Depositary (NSD) Supervisory Board (part of MICEX-RTS Moscow Exchange Group) passed the Customer Committee establishment decision and appointed all of its 29 members at a Wednesday session, according to NSD press release.

24.07.2012 13:21 / Interfax

Moscow Exchange Worth $3,96-4,4bn on RTS Board

The capitalization of MICEX-RTS Moscow Exchange according to RTS Board indicative quotes is $3,955-4,395bn.

29.06.2012 08:01 / Interfax

Clearstream and Euroclear Will Access State Bonds by 1 July 2014

By 1 July 2014, Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) will open access to the state bonds market only for Clearstream International SA (Luxembourg) and Euroclear Bank SA/NV (Belgium), among other 136 companies eligible for foreign nominee account opening at the Central Depositary.

27.06.2012 15:14 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS Should Introduce T+3 by Mid-2013, Followed by T+2

The National Association of Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR) workgroup has concluded that introducing T+N settlement at the integrated MICEX-RTS exchange is a advisable and must be supported in the interest of keeping the Russian market competitive, says the Association release.

21.06.2012 08:01 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS Shareholders Approve New Exchange Name

At their annual meeting in Wednesday, MICEX-RTS shareholders approved the new stock exchange name, according to Interfax.

20.06.2012 20:22 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS to Pay 10% Net Profit in Dividends, Worth RUB 681mn

At the annual GSM on Wednesday, MICEX-RTS shareholders passed the decision to pay the dividend of 10% of net IFRS profit, worth RUB 681mn, as reported by Interfax.

07.06.2012 12:14 / Interfax

Clearstream and Euroclear to Gain Access to Russian State Bonds in 2012, Corporate Bonds and Shares in 2013, says Ministry of Finance

International central depositaries Clearstream and Euroclear will be granted access to the Russian state bonds market this year and to corporate bonds and shares next year, said Deputy Director of Sovereign Debt and Financial Assets at the Ministry of Finance Peter Kazakevich at the Uralsib Capital Bonds Conference.

06.06.2012 11:18 / Interfax

Russia Can Allow Euroclear and Clearstream on Federal Bonds Market Only

The Russian authorities can allow immediate opening of nominee accounts in the Russian central depositary for international central depositaries such as Euroclear and Clearstream for federal bonds only, a source close to inter-regulatory debates told Interfax.

31.05.2012 17:59 / Interfax

Russian Central Bank Unveils Criteria for CD Deposits

Draft requirements for Russian and foreign banks receiving cash deposits from the CD have been published on the Central Bank of Russia website.

22.05.2012 08:01 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS Board of Directors Approves 2012-2015 Strategy

The MICEX-RTS Board of Directors approved the group strategy on Monday, according to the stock exchange press release.

14.05.2012 21:29 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS Shareholder Meeting 20 June, Cutoff Date 21 May

On Monday, MICEX-RTS Board of Directors passed the decision to hold a general annual shareholder meeting on 20 June, with the registrar cutoff date 21 May, Chairman of the MICEX-RTS Board of Directors, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov told the press.

27.04.2012 18:49 / Interfax

NSD to Consult Foreign Investors on Central Depositary

National Settlement Depositary (NSD), part of MICEX-RTS Group, has established an International consulting committee (ICC) to act as advisory on Russian financial market post-trading infrastructure development, Head of NSD Eddie Astanin told the press on Friday.

12.04.2012 14:54 / Interfax

FFMS to Discuss Euroclear and Clearstream Accounts with Market, says Pankin

FFMS is willing to hear Russian stock market participants’ ideas on Central Depositary, which, they fear, in its present form could potentially strip them of a major part of their business.

28.03.2012 15:41 / MIFC

Central Depositary Status decree draft

The Ministry of Finance draft of the Central Depositary Status decree has been published on the official Ministry of Finance website.

23.03.2012 20:11 / Interfax


Integrated MICEX-RTS stock exchange can float $1bn, according to a source close to the Board of Directors.

28.02.2012 17:30 / Interfax

Ministry of Finance Finalizes Draft of Central Depository Status Decree

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has finalized the Central Depositary Status Decree, a ministry source told Interfax.

17.02.2012 18:14 / Interfax

Ministry of Finance Drafts Central Depositary Accreditation Procedure

The Russian Ministry of Finance has drafted the Central Depositary accreditation procedure. The draft has been forwarded to the relevant ministries and Alexander Voloshin’s MIFC Taskforce.

30.01.2012 14:28 / Vedomosti

EBRD And RDIF To Become MICEX-RTS Shareholders

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) have come to an arrangement to buy 6.29% and 1.25% shares of the Russian MICEX-RTS stock exchange, says the Stock Exchange release. The project is a part of a long-term strategy for the Russian capital market development and enhancement of the integrated stock exchange attractiveness on the regional and international levels, says the release.

16.01.2012 11:13 / Interfax

Total RTS-MICEX Volume Passed USD 10 Trillion in 2011

The total volume of trades in all MICEX-RTS markets in 2011 amounted to RUB 297.9 trillion (USD 10.1 trillion), says the stock exchange press release.

19.12.2011 15:42 / Interfax

Voloshin - Stock Exchanges Merger will Help Establish International Financial Centre in Russia

"Undoubtedly, this event is important for the MIFC establishment. This is a work result within each of the two exchanges. I am sure, that a joint stock exchange will become one of the best in the world", said the Head of MIFC Taskforce in Russia Alexander Voloshin during the opening ceremony at the combined MICEX-RTS Stock Exchange.

19.12.2011 12:18 / Kommersant

Dual Stock Exchange. MICEX and RTS Work Under One Name.

Today MICEX and RTS stock exchanges have finally united. This event had been expected since 2008. Though, only names and organizations have integrated on a new platform by this date; participants barely feel any changes: they work with the same services and under the same conditions. The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) is to study the detailed integrated exchange infrastructure plan in the beginning of the upcoming year. By this time, the integrity of the Russian exchange field will be provided by brokers.

19.12.2011 11:30 / MICEX-RTS

Russia`s MICEX, RTS exchanges unified trading platform opening

On the 19th of December 2011 at 10.00 a.m., a MICEX-RTS unified trading platform opened. Alexander Voloshin, head of MIFC Taskforce, and Dmitry Pankin, head of Federal Financial Market Service (FFMS) triumphantly struck the bell.

07.12.2011 19:45 / MIFC

Central Depositary Act Signed

President Medvedev signed the Central Depositary Act on 7 December 2011.

29.11.2011 13:20 / Finmarket

Federation Council Passes Central Depositary Act

The Act was introduced by the Chairman of Financial Markets and Monetary Committee Dmitry Ananiev, who stated that the law envisions a centralized institution in the Russian securities market along with state regulation guidelines and oversight.

18.11.2011 14:46 / Interfax

Possible Temporary Joint Stock Exchange Name JSC "MICEX-RTS"

On Thursday meeting the CJSC "MICEX" Board of Directors approved the decision to hold an extraordinary shareholders meeting on December 8, says the Stock Exchange release.

17.11.2011 18:03 / Rossiiskaya gazeta

Duma Passes Central Depositary Act

The Central Depositary bill has been passed by the State Duma in the third reading.

24.10.2011 11:58 / Interfax

MICEX Migrates Derivatives Trading to New Platform

MICEX Group has migrated its core derivatives trading and clearing to Intel platform under Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5.7 MRG operating system, says MICEX release.

21.10.2011 17:19 / RBC


The stock market license is a necessary part of RTS/MICEX integration and forming the integrated exchange markets. The primary step is the exchanges’ derivatives market integration , including stock market derivatives, and their transfer to ZAO MICEX. This will be followed by ZAO FB MICEX merger with head company (ZAO MICEX), which by then will have become a public limited company.

21.10.2011 11:00 / Interfax

86% RTS Shareholders Join MICEX Merger

Owners of 86,19% RTS ordinary shares joined the framework RTS-MICEX merger agreement, said MICEX Head Ruben Aganbegyan.

18.10.2011 21:47 / Interfax

Duma Committee In Favour of Passing Central Depositary Act in 2nd and 3rd Readings

The State Duma Financial Markets Committee recommends passing the amended Central Depositary Act in 2nd and 3rd readings.

14.10.2011 15:25 / Interfax

Registrars Against Central Depository Monopoly

The Board of Directors of the Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer Agents and Depositories (PARTAD) states that the decision to give the Central Depository an exclusive right to open nominee accounts in registrars is “unfounded”, informed the Chairman of the PARTAD Board of Directors and the Head of the Duma Property Committee Victor Pleskachevsky at a Wednesday press-conference.

10.10.2011 20:18 / Interfax

Central Depositary Act likely to pass Duma by end-October

The Central Depositary Act will be passed by the State Duma in the autumn session, possibly by end-October, MICEX Head Ruben Aganbegyan told the press in his commentary on the Council for the Financial Market Development’s Monday session.

10.10.2011 16:42 / Interfax

Medvedev calls on to set the deadline for a central securities depository law.

The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev reported that a parliamentary bill to create a central securities depository is practically adjusted and called on to determine the timeline for adopting the law.

20.09.2011 21:29 / Interfax

MICEX and RTS Boost Processing Capacity

On 17 September MICEX and RTS ran joint trading systems stress tests that showed increased data processing capacity.

16.09.2011 16:00 / Interfax

MICEX CJSC to Perform 1:10000 Share Split, New Par Value RUB 1.

The Federal Financial Market Service (FFMS) has registered a MICEX CJSC ordinary shares issue, placed though a split/conversion, says a stock exchange press release.

13.09.2011 19:26 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS Stock Trading and Indices Integration Planned

MICEX/RTS have developed a roadmap for stock markets integration, including new MICEX and RTS indices calculation to be implemented at the time of legal merger of the exchanges, slated for 19 December.

13.09.2011 15:33 / Interfax

MICEX-RTS Derivatives Trading Integration Planned

MICEX/RTS Derivatives Committees will discuss derivatives trading integration, including the market outlook at the time of legal merger of the exchanges, slated for 19 December.

09.09.2011 15:00 / Interfax

FAS Approves MICEX-RTS Merger

The Federal Ant-Monopoly Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation has approved the MICEX acquisition of RTS, issuing a competition protection order, says the FAS release.

31.08.2011 18:12 / Interfax

MICEX and RTS to run a stress test September 17

MICEX and RTS will run a joint stress test of the trading systems to determine the realistic estimate of their production capacity, according to a MICEX release.

29.08.2011 / MIFC

Central Depositary Act 22.06.2011 Draft by MIFC Taskforce


29.08.2011 / MIFC

Central Depositary Act Draft by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation


17.08.2011 15:48 / Interfax

MICEX and RTS to define new markets by 1 November

MICEX and RTS are to develop detailed integration plans for each market, consult the participants and commence implementation by 1 November, said Deputy Head of Integration at MICEX Dmitry Sheglov.

12.08.2011 10:00 / Torgovo-Promyshlennye vedomosti

Moscow Capitalist Manifesto

The capital of Russia is still a long way from becoming an International Financial Centre. The economic and legal reforms will help solve this problem.

22.07.2011 17:25 / Polit.ru

Pushing the Limits

Russian companies will be able to place their shares entirely abroad. Lifting IPO restrictions for foreign exchanges is a least-evil solution, as restrictions imposed last year made Russians place through off-shores. Now it is openly admitted that the State regulation of the financial markets is ineffective.

30.06.2011 10:00 / Vedomosti

The key risk is ourselves

Ruben Aganbegyan had considered the unification of stock exchanges before he was appointed MICEX President, and started work on the merger the day he joined the exchange.

30.06.2011 / Vedomosti

The key risk is ourselves

Ruben Aganbegyan had considered the unification of stock exchanges before he was appointed MICEX President, and started work on the merger the day he joined the exchange

01.06.2011 / CNBC

Moscow`s 2 Exchanges Set to Merge

Ruben Aganbegyan, President of Russian exchange MICEX joined CNBC to discuss the merger of MICEX with RTS.

18.04.2011 08:08 / Interfax

Russian exchange may opt for foreign partner strategy, but not merger - Voloshin

The unified MICEX and RTS might work in a strategic partnership with other exchanges, but a merger or unification is not on the cards, head of MIFC taskforce Alexander Voloshin said on Sunday.