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05.07.2022 18:55 / TASS

The State Duma adopted a law on tax support measures for citizens and businesses The State Duma adopted in the third, final reading a law on a set of measures for tax support of citizens and businesses in the face of sanctions pressure. The document was initiated by the government of the Russian Federation.

05.07.2022 18:51 / TASS

The State Duma adopted a law on the merger of the PFR and the FSS The State Duma at a plenary session on Tuesday adopted in the third reading a bill on the creation of a unified Pension and Social Insurance Fund (Social Fund of Russia), as well as a package of related initiatives, including amendments to the Tax and Budget Codes of the Russian Federation.

05.07.2022 18:41 / TASS

Duma passes IPO/SPO bill in second reading The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill aimed at developing the institution of public placement of securities on the Russian financial market. The document, which amends the law "On combating the misuse of insider information and market manipulation," was initiated by a group of deputies and senators headed by Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma committee on the financial market.

17.05.2022 16:18 / TASS

Central Bank to launch cybersecurity education course  The Bank of Russia will launch an educational course on cybersecurity in the 2023-2024 academic year at the Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE), announced Head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina, speaking at Junior Pay Tech Forum 2022.

19.04.2022 16:49 / The Bank of Russia

Russian issuers to close foreign depositary receipt programmes A ban on issuing and trading in foreign depositary receipts for Russian issuers’ shares will come into effect on 27 April 2022.

15.04.2022 16:36 / TASS

The Central Bank of Russia rolls out new support measures for the financial sector The Central Bank has prepared a new series of measures to support the Russian financial sector, the regulator said in a release. The CB allowed banks until the end of the year to postpone the formation of reserves for possible losses in respect of assets that have been blocked abroad.

13.04.2022 17:45 / TASS

Central Bank wants more scope for the financial ombudsman  The Bank of Russia is in favor of expanding the activity of the Financial Ombudsman to include retail investors, said Mikhail Mamuta, head of Consumer Protection at the Bank of Russia, speaking at the "Alternative ways of resolving disputes in the financial services market" round table.

29.03.2022 15:28 /

Ruslan Edelgeriyev met with Plenipotentiary Envoy of Armenia on Debt-for-Climate Swaps Erik Grigoryan Presidential Adviser and Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues Ruslan Edelgeriyev had a meeting with Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Republic of Armenia on Debt-for-Climate Swaps Erik Grigoryan.

23.03.2022 13:08 / The Bank of Russia

Russian stock exchanges to maintain listing of securities of multinational companies headquartered in Russia if they are delisted abroad The Bank of Russia has set a moratorium, to be effective until 1 January 2023, on the delisting of shares of foreign issuers, as well as depository receipts certifying the rights in respect of such shares admitted to organised trading by the decision of the Russian exchange pursuant to Clause 4 of Article 51.1 of Federal Law No. 39-FZ, dated 22 April 1996, ‘On the Securities Market’ in the event of the delisting of these securities on a foreign exchange.

22.03.2022 14:30 / TASS

State Duma adopts package of anti-crisis tax code amendments The State Duma passed in the third reading a package of amendments to the Tax Code to adapt the Russian economy to sanctions. It includes support measures for both companies and citizens.

18.03.2022 14:12 / TASS

Exchange trading exempt from Central Bank approval The temporary ban on certain operations without the permission of the Bank of Russia does not apply to exchange trading, the regulator stated on Telegram.

11.03.2022 23:04 / TASS

Duma passes emergency financial market and corporate relations regime bill The State Duma immediately passed in the second and third readings a bill to introduce an emergency financial market and corporate relations regime until December 31, 2022. The document, drafted by the government of the Russian Federation, is part of the package of anti-crisis measures to support the heavily sanctioned economy.

03.03.2022 18:11 / TASS

30% currency purchase commission does not apply to closing margin positions, says Central Bank The introduction of a 30% commission for the purchase of foreign currency on the stock exchange does not apply to transactions for closing leverage (margin positions) in foreign currency, says the Central Bank of Russia.

02.03.2022 18:34 / TASS

Bank of Russia’s measures to support households and creditors To support households and ensure resilience of creditors amid the restrictions imposed by Western countries, the Bank of Russia implements the following additional measures. 1. The regulator cancelled the macroprudential risk-weight add-ons for the following loans issued on and after 1 March 2022: Unsecured consumer loans in rubles (except those with the EIR above 35% and facilities with the EIR ranging from 20% to 35% and DSTI above 80%); Mortgage loans in rubles (except those with LTV above 90%); Loans granted to individuals in rubles for financing under equity construction agreements. 2. The Bank of Russia cut the macroprudential risk-weight add-ons for unsecured consumer loans in rubles issued on and after 1 March 2022 with DSTI above 80% and the EIR ranging from 20% to 35%. 3. The regulator postponed the introduction of macroprudential limits for unsecured consumer loans until 1 January 2023. 4. The Bank of Russia recommends credit institutions, microfinance organisations, consumer credit cooperatives, agricultural consumer credit cooperatives, and housing savings cooperatives to suspend until 31 December 2022 the procedures for forced eviction of debtors (former owners and their cohabitants) from residential properties which creditors have previously foreclosed on.

02.03.2022 18:01 / TASS

Russian Central Bank eases reserve requirements for banks The Bank of Russia decided to reduce the required reserve ratios for banks from March 3, 2022. The implementation of this measure will lead to a decrease in the total amount of required reserves of credit institutions by about 2.7 trillion rubles.

25.02.2022 18:24 / The Bank of Russia

Cards of all payment systems continue to operate as normal in Russia All bank payment cards issued by all banks operate and will operate all over Russia to facilitate payments for goods and services, money transfers and transactions in ATMs without limitations.

21.02.2022 19:15 / The Bank of Russia

Bank of Russia launches monthly publications of information on households’ financial assets and liabilities This information contains the most significant components of financial investment and borrowings of households broken down by financial instrument, and it will be supplemented as data on other financial instruments are compiled.

15.02.2022 19:13 / The Bank of Russia

Almost 2,700 illegal companies and financial pyramids identified by Bank of Russia in 2021 These include 871 pyramid schemes (vs 222 in 2020), 860 illegal professional securities market participants (vs 395 in 2020) and 948 companies bearing the signs of ‘black creditors’ (vs 821 in 2020).

15.02.2022 19:12 / The Bank of Russia

Bank of Russia sums up results of first three months of non-qualified investors’ testing Almost 67% of investors tested before dealing with complex financial instruments succeeded in answering all questions. Moreover, 42.5% passed the test at first attempt, whereas others needed four and more attempts (7.8%). A significant part of those who could not pass the test at first or repeated attempts changed their minds about making transactions.

15.02.2022 19:07 / The Bank of Russia

Digital ruble: start of testing The Bank of Russia and market participants launched the testing of the digital ruble platform and successfully completed the first digital ruble transfers between individuals.