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Central Bank Publishes Financial Glossary

20.07.2016 15:43 / slon.ru

The Bank of Russia has published online a Russian-English-French glossary of 1.8 thousand-plus finance and banking terms.

"Money makes our modern world go round, so if you neglect your financial ABC, it may sneak up and bite you. The important thing is not just to make money, it's really about putting the money to good use: you have to be able to save and invest, assess financial risks, protect yourself from scams, plan your budget. Otherwise, there will never be enough to live on. The worst case is getting into debt or falling victim to con artists", said the Central Bank.

The glossary includes terms such as bitcoins, bail-in, bail-out, but omits blockchain, the underlying technology for bitcoins, which was on the CB's hot topic list as of late May.

Improved financial literacy is a priority of Russia's Financial Market Development Strategy 2018, drafted by the CB last December. In November, Standard & Poor’s published a survey which ranked Russia #55 in financial literacy globally.

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